QHMPL QHM6660 USB 4 Port Hub With LED indicator & On/Off Switch 480 Mbit/s High-speed USB Hub(White)

Price : INR 340

4 USB ports Standard A type up to 100mA current per port 1 USB Mini B type Female input Connector The QHMPL hub provides full over current protection QHMPL USB HUB supports the following signaling rates A low-speed rate of 1.5 Mbit/s (~183 kB/s) as is defined by USB 1.0 The full-speed rate of 12 Mbit/s (~1.43 MB/s) the basic USB data rate defined by USB 1.1 A high-speed (USB 2.0) rate of 480 Mbit/s (~57 MB/s) QHMPL Hub is capable of chaining up to 127 USB devices Truly Plug & play automatic with ALL OS including windows 98,2000, ME , XP ,7, Mac Linux virtually all OS USB 2.0 and ACPI compliant. ON/OFF SWITCH
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